Electric & Hybrid Aerospace Technology Symposium 2017
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Companies that have participated previously include:

The Electric & Hybrid Aerospace Technology Symposium is being held in the conference rooms located in Conference Centre East of the Koelnmesse, Germany.

Conference Centre East.
Koelnmesse (East Entrance)
Messeplatz 1
50679 Cologne

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Sponsors and exhibitors

Aurora Flight Sciences

VAC logo

Tim Dawson-Townsend
Managing Director / European Operations Manager Aurora Swiss Aerospace / Aurora Flight Sciences
Tel: +41.79.682.2580
Email: tdt@aurora-aero.ch / tdt@aurora.aero
Web: www.aurora.aero

Aurora Flight Sciences is an innovative company which creates smarter aircraft through the development of unique designs, versatile and intuitive autonomous systems, and lightweight structures. Operating at the intersection of technology and robotic aviation, Aurora leverages the autonomy to make manned and unmanned flight safer and more efficient. Aurora is known for innovative aircraft designs, having built and flown over 25 new aircraft designs in our 28-year history. Aurora’s designs cover the entire spectrum of flight, from electric and hybrid-electric VTOL, to extreme-long-endurance MALE class UAVs, to unmanned aircraft designed to fly in the atmosphere of Mars.

Headquartered in Manassas, Virginia, Aurora operates plants in Bridgeport, West Virginia and Columbus, Mississippi, has Research & Development Centers in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Dayton, Ohio and Mountain View, California, and has a European engineering branch, Aurora Swiss Aerospace, located in Luzern, Switzerland. To learn more about Aurora, please visit our website at www.aurora.aero

LION Smart

Lion smart logo

Uta Hummitzsch
Assistant Manager - LION Smart GmbH
Tel: +49 (0)89 360 363 210
Email: uta.hummitzsch@lionsmart.com
Web: www.lionsmart.com

LION Smart is a highly innovative engineering service company for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers of the automotive and the aerospace industry, as well as other industries. Utilizing Kreisel Electric’s latest laser technology, LION Smart offers battery pack prototyping and series production and is able to offer best practice and ground breaking battery systems and solutions along with advanced manufacturing. Together with the Joint Venture TÜV SÜD Battery Testing, the company operates test facilities and test laboratories for electric storage systems on cell, module and pack level. LION Smart provides advisory services in lithium-ion storage technology and performs an ambitious research program on Battery Management Systems (MS), maintaining strong links with research centers and universities. Using sophisticated BMS algorithms and the latest hardware, high performance battery packs, that meet the challenges of a growing E-Mobility market, are being developed.


MTS logo

Karen Odash
Global Tradeshow Manager - MTS Systems Corporation
Tel: +1-952-937-4454
Mobile: +1-612-849-0441
Email: Karen.Odash@mts.com
Web: www.mts.com

Through its pursuit of electric motor technology powerful enough to drive Formula 1 transmission test systems, MTS Systems Corporation has developed a portfolio of durable, high-performance permanent magnet machine/inverter units that are well suited for a wide variety of aerospace applications. Potential uses for these lightweight and extremely power dense units include propulsion, electric power generation, driving compressors and pumps and general actuation – powering control surfaces, landing gear, etc. MTS machine/inverters can also be deployed as eTurbo systems, which recover and convert exhaust heat energy to electricity, providing the means to achieve significant increases in power and efficiency for internal combustion piston engines. High-performance MTS machine/inverter units feature robust electronics and controls, proven reliable when subjected to both extreme temperatures and vibrations. Additionally, MTS offers custom test bench solutions for evaluating the durability and performance of parts and fully integrated machine/inverter systems.


OPAL logo

Sofia Santos
Marketing & Communication - OPAL-RT EUROPE
Tel: +33 (0)1 75 60 24 81
Email: sofia.santos@opal-rt.com
Web: www.opal-rt.com

OPAL-RT’s mission is to provide cutting-edge real-time simulation technology to engineers and researchers around the world. This mission requires precise vision, innovation and perseverance. OPAL-RT continuously strives for new ways to integrate parallel, distributed computing with commercial off-the-shelf technologies, all while offering an unmatched combination of performance, openness and affordability. The company is committed to supplementing its products with personalized engineering and consulting services to ensure customers are ready to meet every challenge.


Powersys logo

Rachel Desrichard
Marketing Manager - Powersys Solutions
Tel: +33 (0)4 42 61 76 12
Email: r.desrichard@powersys.fr
Web: www.powersys-solutions.com

Powersys is the distributor of Saber® in Europe and north America. Saber® is the proven standard for mechatronic system design and verification. Aerospace design teams worldwide use Saber to develop complex mixed-technology systems that must meet stringent performance and reliability requirements. Saber accelerates robust design with leading edge tools for design entry, device modeling, simulation, post-processing, and wire harness design and layout. Production proven, with hundreds of designs in multiple industries and disciplines, Saber is the leading solution for advancing aerospace system development from concept to reality.


VAC logo

Arne Steilmann
Tel: +49 6181 38-2014
Email: arne.steilmann@vacuumschmelze.com
Web: www.vacuumschmelze.de

VACUUMSCHMELZE (VAC) designs, produces and markets advanced materials, particularly with magnetic, but also with other physical qualities as well as related products. With its 4,300 employees worldwide VAC Group today achieves annual sales of approx. 400 million euros in over 50 countries and is holder of around 800 patents. The company is among the world’s most highly innovative developers of advanced industrial materials. VAC’s range of products comprises a broad array of advanced semi-finished materials and parts, inductive components for electronics, magnets and magnet systems for use in a wide variety of applications in industry sectors such as industrial drives, automotive, aerospace, energy and medical.

Topics areas covered:
  • The possibilities created by aircraft hybridisation
  • Commercial aircraft application possibilities and research
  • Battery technologies
  • Electric motor technologies
  • Environmental impact
  • Real-world fuel-saving possibilities
  • Energy-storage systems
  • Solar possibilities
  • Efficiency and durability
  • Increasing flight range through hybridisation
  • The possibilities of pure electric-only commercial and military flight
  • Safety and legislative considerations
  • Case studies on existing global electric and hybrid research programmes
  • Overcoming engineering challenges
  • Best design practices
  • Investment possibilities
  • Additional advantages of increased electrification
  • Range-extender technologies